Qinhuangdao Luokeweide New Material Technology Co., ltd. (hereinafter abbreviated as LOCWID),   dedicates to producing, researching and selling high quality composite materials and FRP production line. Our vision is to become respectable supplier of FRP sheet products and production lines...[read more]


Sheets is mainly composed of glass fiber, resin, surface of sticker and paste.The resin and paste ,according to be needed to join in the different color, Stir evenly , then vacuumize and convey to the production line.Through baking process,we make the final production.


Truck body,Container,Inside board of the refrigerator,ceiling panels,Com-mercial,industrial,civil construction and public facilities interior walls and ceiling. Modified car, or other special purpose transport outer panels.


Qinhuangdao Locwid New Material Technology Co.,Ltd

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Add: Floor 3,No.10 Huashan zhong Road,Economic Development Zone,
Qinhuangdao city, Hebei Province, China

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